What is Carrot Seed Volatile Oil?

While carrot is cultivated worldwide, it grows best in a slightly cooler climate, such as the temperate regions of North America. There also are wild versions of carrot growing across the continent. Yet, in spite of the proliferation of carrots, almost every person consuming carrot eats only one part of the plant: the root. Yet the leaves also are a tasty addition to salad or used like parsley as a garnish. And it is the seeds that are the source of carrot oils.

However, there is a significant difference between carrot seed essential oil and pressed carrot seed oil, both obtained from carrot seeds, an, most frequently, from wild carrot. Most oils obtained from wild sources are higher in all the vital components for health than cultivated plants.

How is Carrot Seed Oil Produced?

Pressed carrot seed oil is a carrier oil with high fatty acids and Vitamin A. As expected, it is produced from the seed through cold pressing.  Carrot seed essential oil also is produced from carrot seeds, but through distillation, rather than pressing.

How is Carrot Seed Essential Oil Used?

Pressed carrot seed oil is used in cosmetics and skin care, while distilled carrot seed essential oil is used to remove fungus, fight bacteria and block sunlight.

What Are the Toxicities, Contraindications and Cautions Regarding Carrot Seed Oils?

Carrot oil can produce mild skin rashes and irritation..

What Are the Medicinal Applications of Carrot Seed Oils?

What Are the Medicinal Applications of Carrot Seed Oils?

Since carrot oil is antifungal and antibacterial, it is used to treat eczema and rosacea. Some studies suggest it may be valuable to treat cancers, particularly skin cancers, leukemia, colon cancer and breast cancer. It also is antioxidant. This increases its effectiveness for rejuvenating skin.

What Are the Non-Medicinal Applications of Carrot Seed Oils?

Pressed carrot oil as a carrier is used in conjunction with other oils to reduce the risk of using essential oils undiluted on the skin. It is also used in some cosmetics. Carrot oil is used to treat hair and scalp conditions, as part of a sunscreen program, and as a face scrub.

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